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Millions of items are already in circulation: what if we used them first, instead of buying new ones?

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Buy less clothes

What’s the deal with clothes? How to slow down?

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Buy less clothes

The challenge in a nutshell

Try to buy as few new items as possible for one year.


  • To reduce the waste of resources and pollution stemming from the manufacture of new items.
  • To avoid unnecessary purchase et items accumulation.
  • To save money.


  • By asking yourself every time you intend to buy something: do I really need that ?
  • By opting as much as possible for alternatives to new items: buying second-hand, repairing, borrowing, exchange…

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  • Soon, a tool to measure the impact of your consumption!


Zero Waste France is the association that launched the “Nothing New” Challenge in 2018 and runs it on a daily basis. Created in 1997, it campaigns for waste reduction and better resource management. 

With the Challenge, Zero Waste France allows you to change the way you consume. But it is also a political tool! By signing up, you help the association to change the laws and challenge companies.


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