#1 An iceberg in my pocket

Products from our everyday life are like icebergs of natural resources : what I can see is only the very small emerged part. My jeans’ real weight is 32 kg of raw materials and 8.000 liters of water. When I buy second-hand, all those resources are saved. (–> More about the ecological rucksack of products)  

#2 More and better jobs

Each time I buy clothes from a second-hand shop or get my shoes repaired, I am supporting meaningful activities and jobs. Alternatives to new products do have a high job creation potential, as studies have shown at the EU level.

#3 Intercontinental shipping = environmental impact

Before he finally ends up in my pocket, my smartphone has already traveled an equivalent of 4 world tours! It was probably assembled in Asia, with components manufactured in the USA or Europe, out of raw material extracted in Africa or Australia.

#4 Savings for the planet, and for myself  

Buying less new products saves natural resources but also my money. Alternatives are either free, or less expensive. By renting, sharing or buying second hand, I can afford better quality products in the end!  

#5 Alternatives also come with services  

A 12-months warranty and a proper customer service is no longer reserved to new products. Those essential services are now often available when you buy a second-hand phone, laptop or any other sensitive product.

#6 Climate like it (c)old  

Even though I charge the battery daily, the energy and carbon impacts of my tablet is not related to the fact that I am actually using it: almost 80% of the greenhouse gas emissions are due to the production phase. Which is why we should take care of our devices!

#7 Less is better

I buy less new products because I want to concentrate on what is essential and meaningful. When I buy something new, I want my purchase to support producers or activities that I strongly believe in: local craftwork, ecodesign, etc.

#8 Energising my neighbourhood

In my quest for alternative to buying new product, I find so many occasions to explore my city, meet my neighbours or engage in community activities. Each hunt is a good opportunity for joining a repair café, putting an ad up in my building or sharing contacts with friends, neighbours and colleagues.

#9 Vintage is sexy